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Volume 1: The Hidden Life, The First Year of Public Life
Chapter Titles


Joachim and Anne Make a Vow to the Lord.

Anne, Praying in the Temple, Has Her Wish Fulfilled.

With a Canticle, Anne Announces that She Is a Mother.

Birth of the Virgin Mary.

The Purification of Anne and the Offering of Mary.

The Son Has Put His Wisdom on His Mother's Lips.

Mary Is Presented in the Temple.

Death of Joachim and Anne.

Mary's Canticle Imploring the Coming of the Christ.

Mary Will Confide Her Vow to the Spouse God Will Give Her.

Joseph Is Appointed Husband of the Virgin.

Wedding of the Virgin and Joseph.

Joseph and Mary arrive in Nazareth.

Conclusion to the Pre-Gospel.

The Annunciation.

The disobedience of Eve and the Obedience of Mary.

The Annunciation of Elizabeth's Pregnancy to Joseph.

Mary and Joseph Set Out for Jerusalem.

From Jerusalem to Zacharias' House.

Arrival at Zacharias' House.

Mary and Elizabeth Speak of their Children.

The Birth of the Baptist.

The Circumcision of the Baptist.

The Presentation of the Baptist in the Temple.

Mary of Nazareth Clarifies the Matter with Joseph.

The Census Edict.

The Journey to Bethlehem.

The Birth of Our Lord Jesus.

The Adoration of the Shepherds.

Zacharias' Visit.

Presentation of Jesus in the Temple.

Lullaby of the Virgin.

The Adoration of the Wise Men.

The Flight into Egypt.

The Holy Family in Egypt.

The First Working Lesson Given to Jesus.

Mary the Teacher of Jesus, Judas and James.

Preparations for Jesus' Coming of Age and Departure from Nazareth.

Jesus Examined in the Temple When He Is of Age.

The Dispute of Jesus with the Doctors in the Temple.

The Death of Saint Joseph.

Conclusion of the Private Life.

Farewell to His Mother and Departure from Nazareth.

Jesus Is Baptised in the Jordan.

Jesus Is Tempted in the Desert by the Devil.

Jesus Meets John and James.

John and James Speak to Peter about the Messiah.

First Meeting of Peter and the Messiah.

Jesus at Bethsaida in Peter's H-ouse. He Meets Philip and Nathanael.

Judas Thaddeus at Bethsaida Invite Jesus to the Wedding at Cana.

Jesus at the Wedding at Cana.

Jesus Drives the Merchants but of the Temple.

Jesus Meets Judas Iscariot and Thomas and Cures Simon the Zealot.

Thomas Becomes a Disciple.

Judas of Alphaeus, Thomas and Simon Are Accepted as Disciples at the Jordan.

Return to Nazareth after Passover with the Six Disciples.

Cure of a Blind Man at Capernaum.

The Demoniac of Capernaum cured in the Synagogue.

Cure of Simon Peter's Mother-in-law.

Jesus Preaches and Works Miracles in Peter's House.

Jesus Prays at Night.

The Leper Cured near Korazim.

The Paralytic Cured in Peter's House.

The Miraculous Draught of Fishes.

The Iscariot Finds Jesus at Gethsemane and is Accepted as a Disciple.

Jesus Works the Miracle of the Broken Blades at the Fish Gate.

Jesus Preaches in the Temple. Judas Iscariot Is with Him.

Jesus Teaches Judas Iscariot.

Jesus Meets John of Zebedee at Gethsemane.

Jesus with Judas Iscariot Meets Simon Zealot and John.

Jesus, John, Simon and Judas go to Bethlehem.

Jesus at Bethlehem in the Peasant's House and in the Grotto.

Jesus Goes to the Hotel in Bethlehem and Preaches from the Ruins of Anne's House.

Jesus and the Shepherds Elias, Levi and Joseph.

Jesus at Juttah with the Shepherd Isaac.

Jesus at Hebron, Zacharias' House, Aglae.

Jesus at Kerioth. Death of Old Saul.

Jesus on His Way Back Stops-with the Shepherds near Hebron.

Jesus Returns to the Mountain Where He Fasted and to the Rock of Temptation.

At the Jordan Ford. Meeting with the Shepherds John, Matthias and simeon.

Judas Iscariot Tells of how He Sold Aglae's Jewels to Diomedes.

Jesus Cries on account of Judas and Simon Zealot Comforts Him.

Jesus Meets Lazarus at Bethany.

Jesus Goes Back to Jerusalem, and Listens to Judas Iscariot in the Temple and then Goes to Gethsemane.

Jesus Speaks to the Soldier Alexander at the Fish Gate.

Jesus and Isaac near Doco. Departure towards Esdraelon.

Jesus with the Shepherd Jonah in the Plain of Esdraelon.

Return to Nazareth after Leaving Jonah.

The Next Day in the House in Nazareth.

Jesus' Lesson to His Disciples in the Olive-Grove.

Jesus' Lesson to His Disciples near His Home.

The Lesson to the Disciples in the Presence of the Most Holy Virgin in the Garden in Nazareth.

Cure of the Beauty of Korazim. Sermon in the Synagogue at Capernaum.

James of Alphaeus Is Received among the Disciples.

Jesus Preaches near Matthew's Customs Bench.

Jesus Preaches to the Crowd at Bethsaida.

The Call of Matthew.

Jesus on the Lake of Tiberias. Lesson to His Disciples near the Same Town.

Jesus Looks for Jonathan in the House of Chuza at Tiberias.

Jesus in the House of His Uncle Alphaeus and then at His Own Home.

Jesus Questions His Mother about His Disciples.

Cure of Johanna of Chuza near Cana.

Jesus on Lebanon with the Shepherds Benjamin and Daniel.

Jesus in the Sea-Town Receives Letters Concerni,ng Jonah.

Jesus Makes Peace with His Cousin Simon in the House of Mary of Alphaeus.

Jesus Is Driven Out of Nazareth and He Comforts His Mother. Reflections on Four Contemplations.

Jesus in the House of Johanna of Chuza with His Mothei Jesus at the Vintage in the House of Anne. Miracle of a Paralytic Child.

Jesus at Doras' House. Death of Jonah.

Jesus in the House of Jacob near Lake Merom.

Return to the Jordan Ford near Jericho.

Jesus in the House of Lazarus. Martha Speaks of the Magdalene.

In Lazarus House Again after the Tabernacles. Invitation of Joseph of Anmathea.

Jesus Meets Gamaliel at the Banquet of Joseph of Arimathea.

Cure of the Little Dying Boy. The Soldier Alexander. Intimation to Jesus.

Jesus Speaks to Nicodemus, at Night, at Gethsemane.

Jesus at Lazarus' House Before Going to the Clear Water

Jesus at the Clear Water. Preliminaries for Life in Common with the Disciples.

Jesus at the Clear Water: "I Am the Lord Your God".

Jesus at the Clear Water: "You Shall Have No Gods in My Presence".

Jesus at the Clear Water: "You Shall Not Take My Name in Vain'.

Jesus at the Clear Water: "Honour Your Father and Your Mother".

Jesus at the Clear Water: "You Shall Not Fornicate".

The Veiled Woman at the Clear Water.

Jesus at the Clear Water: "Observe Holy Days".

Jesus at the Clear Water: "You Shall Not Kill". Death of Doras.

Jesus at the Clear Water: "Do Not Put the Lord Your God to the Test". The Three Disciples of the Baptist.

Jesus at the Clear Water: "You Shall Not Covet Your Neighbour's Wife".

Jesus at the Clear Water: He Cures the Mad Roman and Speaks to the Romans.

Jesus at the Clear Water: "You Shall Not Bear False Witness".

Jesus at the Clear Water: "You Shall Not Covet What Belongs to Your Neighbour".

Jesus at the Clear Water: Closure.

Jesus Leaves the Clear Water and Goes towards Bethany.

Cure of Jerusa, the Woman of Doco Afflicted with Cancer.

At Bethany in the House of Simon Zealot.

The Feast of Dedication in Lazarus' House with the Shepherds.


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