141. Instruction to the Disciples while Going towards Arimathea.


142. Instruction to the Apostles Going towards Samaria. 


143. Photinai, the Samaritan Woman.                   


144. With the People of Sychar.                          


145. Evangelization at Sychar.                             


146. Goodbye to the People of Sychar.               


147. Instruction to the Apostles and the Miracle of the Woman of Sychar.    


148. Jesus Visits the Baptist near Ennon.             


149. Jesus Teaches the Apostles.                        


150. Jesus at Nazareth.  «Son, I Will Come with You ».




151. In Susanna's House in Cana. The Royal Officer.


152. In Zebedee's House. Salome Is Accepted as a Disciple.     


153. Jesus Speaks to His Disciples of Women's Apostolate.     


154. Jesus at Caesarea on Sea Speaks to the Galley‑Slaves.       


155. Cure of the Little Roman Girl at Caesarea.    


156. Annaleah Devotes Herself to God as a Virgin.    


157. Instruction to the Women Disciples at Nazareth.


158. Jesus Speaks to Johanna of Chuza on the Lake. 


159. Jesus at Gherghesa. John's Disciples.           


160. From Naphtali to Giscala. Meeting with Rabbi Gamaliel.




161. The Grandson of Eli, a Pharisee of Capernaum , Is Cured.


162. Jesus in the House in Capernaum after the Miracle on Elisha.       


163. Dinner in the House of Eli, the Pharisee of Capernaum .


164. Towards the Retreat on the Mountain before the Election of the Apostles.


165. The Election of the Twelve Apostles.           


166. The First Sermon of Simon Zealot and John.


167. In the House of Johanna of Chuza. Jesus and the Roman Ladies. 


168. Aglae in Mary's House at Nazareth.              


169. The Sermon of the Mount: «You Are the Salt of the Earth ».       


170. The Sermon of the Mount. The Beatitudes (Part One).


171. The Sermon of the Mount. The Beatitudes (Part Two).


172. The Sermon of the Mount. The Beatitudes (Part Three).


173. The Sermon of the Mount. The Beatitudes (Part Four).      


174. The Sermon of the Mount. The Beatitudes (Part Five).

        Encounter with the Magdalene.                    


175. The Leper Cured at the Foot of the Mountain.  


176. The Sabbath after the Sermon. At the Foot of the Mountain.       


177. The Servant of the Centurion Is Cured.         


178. Jesus Meets Three Men who Want to Follow Him.   


179. The Parable of the Sower.                            



180. Lesson to the Apostles in Peter's Kitchen and

        Announcement of the Baptist's Capture.       


181. Parable of the Darnel.                                   


182. On His Way to Magdala Jesus Speaks to Some        Shepherds. 


183.Jesus at Magdala. He Meets. with Mary Magdalene the Second Time.   


184. At Magdala in the House of Benjamin's Mother.


185. The Calming of the Storm.                            


186. The Dernoniacs of Gadara.                           


187. Towards Jerusalem for the Second Passover.

        From Tarichea to Mount Tabor.                   


188. From Tabor to Endor in the Cave of the Necromancer.

        Encounter with Felix Who Becomes John.    


189. The Son of the Widow of Nain.                    


190. From Nain to Esdraelon. Jesus Stays at Micah's.      


191. The Sabbath at Esdraelon. Little Jabez.

        The Parable of Rich Dives.                           


192. From Esdraelon to Engannim. Stopping at Megiddo.


193. From Engannim to Shechem in Two Days.    


194. From Shechem to Beeroth.                           


195. From Beeroth to Jerusalem.                          


196. The Sabbath at Gethsemane.                         


197. In the Temple at the Hour of the Offering.     


198. Jesus Meets His Mother at Bethany.              


199. Jesus Goes to the Lepers of Siloam and Ben Hinnom.

        The Power of Mary's Word.                        


200. Aglae Meets the Master.                                


201. Marjiam's Examination.                                 


202. At the Temple on the Eve of Passover.


203. The «Our Father ».


204.Jesus to the Gentiles: Faith Is Built as Your Temples,


205. The Parable of the Prodigal Son.


206. The Parable of Ten Virgins and the Parable of the Royal Wedding.


207.From Bethany to the Grotto of Bethlehem.


208. Going to Eliza's at Bethzur.


209. Jesus in Eliza's House Speaks of Sorrow that Bears Fruit.


210.Towards Hebron. The Worlds Reasons and God's.


211. Welcome Reception at Hebron.


212.  At Juttah, Jesus Speaks in Isaac's House.


213.At Kerioth, Jesus Speaks in the Synagogue.


214. In Judas' House at Kerioth.


215. The Lunatic Girl of Bethginna.


216. In the Plain towards Ashkelon.


217. Jesus Is Master also of the Sabbath.


218. Arrival at Ashkelon.


219. Teaching at Ashkelon.

220.Jesus at Magdalgad Incinerates a Pagan Idol.


221. Lesson to the Apostles Going to Jabneel.


222. Towards Modin.


223. Jesus Speaks to Highwaymen.


224. Arrival at Bether.


225. The Paralytic at the Pool of Bethzatha.


226. Mary Has Sent for Martha at Magdala.


227. Marjiam Is Entrusted to Porphirea.


228. Jesus Speaks at Bethsaida.


229. The Woman with a Haemorrhage and Jairus' Daughter.


230. Jesus and Martha at Capernaum.


231. Two Blind Men and a Dumb Demoniac Cured.


232. The Parable of the Lost Sheep.


233. Comment on Three Episodes Connected with the Conversion of Mary of Magdala.


234. Martha Has Her Victory within Her Grasp.


235. Mary Magdalene in the House of Simon, the Pharisee.


236. The Harvest Is Rich but the Labourers Are Few.


        The Parable of the Treasure Hidden in the Field.


237. The Magdalene Is Accompanied by Mary among the Disciples.


238. The Parable of the Fishermen.


239. Marjiam Teaches Mary Magdalene the «Our Father ».


240. Jesus Is the Powerful Lover. The Parable of the Lost Drachma.


241. Knowledge Is not Corruption if it Is Religion.


242. In the House at Cana.


243. John Repeats the Speech Made by Jesus on Mount Tabor.


244. Jesus at Nazareth.


245. In the Synagogue at Nazareth on the Sabbath.


246. Our Lady Teaches the Magdalene.


247. At Bethlehem in Galilee.


248. Going towards Sicaminon.


249. Jesus Meets the Disciples at Sicaminon.


250. At Tyre, Jesus Speaks of Perseverance.


251.Return to Sicaminon. Jesus Speaks of Faith.


252. Departure from Sicaminon. The Blessed Virgin Mary and Spiritualised Maternity.


253. Syntyche, the Greek Slave.


254. Goodbye to Mary of Magdala, to Martha and to Syntyche.


255. Jesus Speaks of Hope.


256.Jesus Goes up Mount Carmel with His Cousin James.


257. Jesus Reveals to James. of Alphaeus His Future Apostolic Mission.


258. Jesus and His Cousin James on Their Way Back from Mount Carmel.


259. Peter Speaks to Doras' Peasants about the Love Which Is Salvation.


260.Jesus to Johanan's Peasants: «Love Is Obedience ».


261. In the House of Dora and Philip.


262. The Man with the Withered Hand.


263. A Day of Judas Iscariot at Nazareth .


264. Instructions to the Apostles at the Beginning of Their Apostolate.


265. John the Baptist Sends His Disciples to Ask Jesus whether He Is the Messiah.


266. Jesus Works as a Carpenter at Korazim.


267. Jesus Speaks of Love.


268. The Dispute with the Pharisees and the Arrival of Jesus' Mother and Brothers.


269. The News of the Murder of John the Baptist.


270.Departure in the Direction of Taricheas.


271.Speaking to a Scribe on the Banks of the Jordan .


272. First Miracle of the Loaves.


273. Jesus Walks on the Water.


274.The Deeds of Corporal and Spiritual Mercy.