275.Avarice and the Foolish Rich Man.


276. In the Garden of Mary of Magdala: Love for One's Neighbour.


277. Jesus Sends the Seventy‑Two Disciples.


278.Jesus Meets Lazarus at the Field of the Galileans.


279. The Seventy‑Two Disciples Report to Jesus What They Have Done.


280.At the Temple for the Tabernacles.




281. At the Temple They Are Aware of Ermasteus, of John of Endor and of



282. Syntyche Speaks in Lazarus' House.


283.The Mission of Four Apostles in Judaea.


284.Jesus Leaves Bethany for Trans‑Jordan.


285. Arrival at Ramoth with the Merchant from the Other Side of the Euphrates.


286.From Ramoth to Gerasa.


287.Preaching at Gerasa.


288.The Sabbath at Gerasa.


289.From Gerasa to the Fountain of the Cameleer.


290. Going to Bozrah.




291. At Bozrah.


292.The Sermon and Miracles at Bozrah.


293.Farewell to the Women Disciples.


294.At Arbela.


295.Going to Aera.


296.Jesus Preaches at Aera.


297.The Little Orphans Mary and Matthias.


298. Mary and Matthias Are Entrusted to Johanna of Chuza.


299. At Nain, in the House of Daniel Raised from the Dead.


300. In the Sheepfold at Endor.




301. From Endor to Magdala.


302. Jesus at Nazareth for the Dedication.


303.Jesus with John of Endor and Syntyche at Nazareth .


304. Jesus' Lesson to Marjiam.


305. Simon Zealot at Nazareth .


306. An Evening at Home in Nazareth .


307.Jesus and the Wife of His Cousin Simon.


308. Simon Goes Back to Jesus.


309. Simon Peter at Nazareth .


310. Jesus Speaks about the Holy Economy of Universal Love.


311. John of Endor Will Have to Go to Antioch . End of the Second Year.







312. The Beginning of the Third Year at Nazareth , while Preparing for Departure.


313. Departure from Nazareth .


314. Towards Jiphthahel.


315. Jesus' Farewell to the Two Disciples.


316. Jesus' Sorrow, Prayer and Penance.


317. Leaving Ptolemais for Tyre .


318. Departure from Tyre on a Cretan Ship.


319. Storm and Miracles on the Ship.


320. Arrival and Landing at Seleucia .


321. From Seleucia to Antioch .


322. At Antigonea.


323. Farewell to Antioch after Preaching.


324.Return of the Eight Apostles and Arrival at Achzib.


325. At Achzib with Six Apostles.


326.   Evangelizing at the Border of Phoenicia .


327. Arrival at Alexandroscene.


328. The Day after at Alexandroscene. Parable of the Vineyard Labourers.


329. The Sons of Thunder. Going towards Achzib with the Shepherd Annas.


330. The Cananean Mother.


331.Bartholomew Has Understood and Suffered.

332. On the Way Back to Galilee .


333. Meeting Judas Iscariot and Thomas.


334.Ishmael Ben Fabi. The Parable of the Banquet.


335. Jesus at Nazareth with His Cousins and with Peter and Thomas.


336. The Crippled Woman of Korazim.


337. Going towards Saphet. The Parable of the Good Farmer.


338. Going towards Meiron.


339. At Hillel's Sepulchre at Giscala.


340.The Deaf‑Mute Cured near the Phoenician Border.


341. At Kedesh. The Signs of the Times.


342.Going towards Caesarea Philippi. Peter's Primacy.


343. At Caesarea Philippi.


344. At the Castle in Caesarea Paneas.


345. Jesus Predicts His Passion for the First Time. Peter Is Reproached.


346. Prophecy on Peter and Marjiam. The Blind Man at Bethsaida .


347. From Capernaum to Nazareth with Manaen and the Women Disciples.


348.The Transfiguration and the Curing of the Epileptic.


349.Lesson to the Disciples after the Transfiguration.


350. The Tribute to the Temple and the Stater in the Mouth of the Fish.


351. The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven . Little Benjamin of Capernaum .


352. Second  Miracle of the Loaves.

353. The Bread from Heaven.


354. Nicolaus of Antioch . Second Announcement of the Passion.


355. Going towards Gadara .


356.The Night at Gadara and the Sermon on Divorce.


357. At Pella .


358. In Matthias' House beyond Jabesh‑Gilead.


359. Rose of Jericho.


360. Miracle on the Jordan in Flood.


361. On the Other Bank. Jesus Meets His Mother and the Women Disciples.


362. At Ramah. The Number of the Elect.


363. At the Temple . The "Our Father" and a Parable on True Sons.


364. At Gethsemane and Bethany .


365. Letters from Antioch .


366. The Thursday before Passover. Morning Preliminaries.


367.The Thursday before Passover. At the Temple .


368. The Thursday before Passover. Instructions to the Apostles.


369. The Thursday before Passover. In Johanna of Chuza's House.


370.The Thursday before Passover. The Evening.


371. Preparation Day. The Morning.


372. Preparation Day. At the Temple .


373.  Preparation Day. In the Streets of Jerusalem .

374. Preparation Day. The Evening.


375. The Sabbath of the Unleavened Bread.


376. Mary Has Chosen the Better Part.


377. Jesus Speaks at Bethany .


378. Towards Mount Adomin .


379. After the Retreat upon Mount Cherith .


380. The Parable of the Unfaithful Steward. Essenes and Pharisees.


381. In Nike's House.


382.At the Ford between Jericho and Bethabara.


383. In Solomon's House. Old Ananias.


384. At the Cross‑Road near Solomon's Village. Parable of the Labour Agents.


385.Towards the Western Bank of the Jordan.


386.At Gilgal. The Beggar Ogla. The Twelve Stones.


387. Towards Engedi. Taking Leave of Judas Iscariot and Simon Zealot.


388. Arrival at Engedi.


389. Preaching and Miracles at Engedi.


390. Elisha of Engedi.


391. At Masada.


392.At the Country House of Mary Mother of Judas.


393.Farewell to Kerioth. Parable of the Two Wills.


394.Anne of Kerioth. Farewell to Judas' Mother.

395. Farewell to Juttah.


396. Farewell to Hebron.


397. Farewell to Bethzur.


398. At Bether.


399.Jesus at Bether with Peter and Bartholomew.


400. Farewell to Bether.


401.Simon of Jonah' Struggle and Spiritual Victory.


402. Going towards Emmaus on the Plain.


403. Little Michael and Preaching near Emmaus on the Plain.


404. At Joppa Jesus Speaks to Judas of Kerioth and to Some Gentiles.


405. In the Estate of Nicodemus. The Parable of the Two Sons.


406. At the Estate of Joseph of Arimathea.


407. In the House of Joseph of Arimathea on a Sabbath.

        John, a Member of the Sanhedrin.


408. The Apostles Speak.


409. The Miraculous Gleaning in the Plain.


410. The Lily of the Valley.


411. In Jerusalem for Pentecost.


412. Jesus at the Banquet of Helkai, the Pharisee and Member of the Sanhedrin.


413. At Bethany.