414. The Beggar on the Road to Jericho.


415. The Conversion of Zacchaeus.


416. At Solomon's Village.


417. In a Little Village of the Decapolis. Parable of the Sculptor.


418. The Demoniac of the Decapolis.


419. The Yeast of the Pharisees.


420. Consider Yourselves Unprofitable Servants.




421. The Repentant Sinner Is always To Be Forgiven.


422. Martyrdom for Love Is Absolution.


423. At Caesarea on the Sea. Parable of the Father Who Gives Each of His

       Children the Same Amount of Money.


424. At Caesarea on the Sea. The Roman Ladies and the Slave Galla Ciprina.


425. Aurea Galla.


426. Parable of the Vineyard and of Free Will.


427. Going about the Plain of Esdraelon.


428. The Fallen Nest and the Scribe Johanan ben Zaccai.


429. The Journey in the Plain of Esdraelon Continues.


430. Near Sephoris, with Johanan's Peasants.




431. Arrival at Nazareth.


432. Parable of Painted Wood.


433. The Sabbaths in the Peace of Nazareht.



434. Before Being a Mother, the Blessed Virgin Is a Daughter and Servant of



435. Jesus and His Mother Converse.


436. The Blessed Virgin at Tiberias.


437. Aurea Does the Will of God.


438. Another Sabbath at Nazareth.


439. The Departure from Nazareth and the Journey towards Bethlehem in Galilee.


440. Judas of Kerioth with the Blessed Virgin at Nazareth.




441. The Death of Marjiam's Grandfather.


442. Jesus Speaks of Charity to the Apostles.


443. Arrival at Tiberias. Parable of the Rain on the Vine.


444. Arrival at Capernaum.


445. Preaching at Capernaum.


446. At Magdala. Parable on Good and Bad Will.


447. Little Alphaeus of Meroba.


448. At the Village before Hippo.


449. Morning Sermon in the Village on the Lake.


450. Near the Place of the Leper. Parable on the Ten Commandments.




451. At Hippo. Love for the Poor. Cure of an Old Slave.


452. Towards Gamala. The Blessed Virgin's Love in Doing the Will of God.



453. Near Gamala, Jesus Entrusts the Church to the Blessed Virgin and Speaks of

        Mercy on Oppressed People.


454. From Gamala to Aphek.


455. Preaching at Aphek.


456. At Gherghesa and Return to Capernaum .


457. Be as Wise as Serpents and as Simple as Doves.


458. The Sabbath at Capernaum .


459. At Johanna of Chuza's. Letters from Antioch .


460. At the Thermal Baths of Emmaus of Tiberias.


461. At Tarichea. Galatia , the Sinner.


462. In Chuza's Country House. The Tempting Proposal Made to Jesus and Made

       Known by the Disciple Jesus Loved.


463. At Bethsaida and Capernaum . Departure on a New Journey.


464. In the House of Judas and Anne near Lake Merom .


465. Parable on the Distribution of Waters.


466. Judas Iscariot Fills Jesus with Joy.


467. Farewell to the Few Believers in Korazim.


468. Jesus Speaks of Matrimony to a Mother‑in‑law.


469. Jesus Speaks to Barnabas of the Law of Love.


470. A Judgement of Jesus.


471. Cure of the Boy Born Blind from Sidon .


472. A Vision that Is Lost in a Rapture of Love.


473. Going towards Sephoris.


474. Jesus with the Leprous Sinners of Bethlehem in Galilee .


475. Jesus and His Mother in the Wood of Mattathias.


476. Jesus Converses with Joseph of Alphaeus.


477. Awaiting Johanan's Peasants near the Jezreel Tower .


478. Taking to the Road Again towards Engannim.


479. Jesus and John Arrive at Engannim.


480. Jesus and the Samaritan Shepherd.


481. The Ten Lepers near Ephraim.


482. At Ephraim. Parable of the Pomegranate.


483. At Bethany for the Feast of the Tabernacles.


484. At the Temple : «The Kingdom of God Does Not Come with Pomp ».


485. At the Temple : «Do You Know Me and Where I Come from? ».


486. At the Temple : «I Shall Remain with You for Only a Short Time Now ».


487. At Nob. The Miracle on the Wind.


488. Jesus at the Camp of the Galileans with His Apostle Cousins.


489. On the Last Day of the Feast of the Tabernacles. The Living Water.


490. At Bethany . «One Can Kill in Many Ways ».


491. Near the Fountain of En‑Rogel.


492. The Pharisees and the Adulterous Woman.


493. Instructions on the Road to Bethany .


494. At the Village of Solomon and in His House.


495. Jesus and Simon of Jonas.


496. Jesus to Thaddeus and to James of Zebedee.


497. The Man from Petra , near Heshbon.


498. Descending from Mount Nebo .


499. Parable of the Father Who Praises His Far‑away Children. Cure of the Little

       Blind Children Fara and Tamar.


500. Divine and Diabolical Possessions.


501. The Wife of the Sadducean Necromancer.


502. Death of Ananias.


503. The Parable of the Unscrupulous Judge.


504. Jesus, Light of the World.


505. Jesus Speaks in the Temple to the Incredulous Judaeans.


506. In Joseph's House at Sephoris. Little Martial Named Manasseh,


507. The Old Priest Matan (or Natan).


508. The Cure of the Man Born Blind.


509. At Nob. Judas of Kerioth Lies.


510. Among the Ruins of a Destroyed Village.


511. At Emmaus in the Mountains. Parable of the Rich Wise Man and of the Poor

        Ignorant Boy.


512. The Undecided Young Man. Miracles and Admonitions at Beth‑Horon.


513. Towards Gibeon . The Reasons for Jesus' Sorrow.


514. At Gibeon . The Wisdom of Love.


515. Returning to Jerusalem .


516. Jesus, the Good Shepherd.


517. Towards Bethany and in Lazarus' House.


518. Going to Tekoah. Old Elianna.


519. At Tekoah.


520. Arrival at Jericho . Zacchaeus' Apostolate.


521. At Jericho . Two Parables: That of the Sick and the Healthy, and That of the

        Pharisee and the Publican.


522. In Zacchaeus' House with the Converts. The Soul and the Error of



523. Sabea of Bethlechi.


524. At Bethabara, Remembering the Baptist.


525. Going Back to Nob. Jesus' Omniscience.


526. At Nob. Judas of Kerioth's Return.


527. At Nob during the Following Days. Hidden Possessions.


528. Judas of Kerioth Is Lustful.


529. Jesus Speaks to Valeria of Matrimony and Divorce. The Miracle of Little



530. Jesus and the Prostitute Sent to Tempt Him.


531. Jesus and Judas of Kerioth Going towards Jerusalem .


532. In the Synagogue of the Roman Freedmen.


533. Judas Iscariot and Jesus' Enemies.


534. The Seven Lepers Cured. Instructions to the Apostles and Arrival at

        Bethany .


535. At the Feast of the Dedication of the Temple .


536. Jesus Goes to the Grotto of the Nativity to be Alone.


537. Jesus and John of Zebedee.


538. Jesus with John and Manaen. End of the Third Year.