539. The Judaeans in Lazarus' House.


540. The Judaeans with Martha and Mary.




541. Martha Sends a Servant to Inform the Master.


542. Lazarus' Death.


543. The Servant of Bethany Informs Jesus of Martha's Message.


544. At Lazarus' Funeral.


545. Jesus Decides to Go to Lazarus.


546. Resurrection of Lazarus.


547. In Jerusalem and in the Temple after the Resurrection of Lazarus.


548. At Bethany after the Resurrection of Lazarus.


549. Going to Ephraim.


550. The First Day at Ephraim.




551. Jesus Respects the Precept of Love More Than the Sabbatic Law.


552. The Following Day at Ephraim. Parable on the Remembrance of Man's

        Eternal Destiny.


553. Jesus Explains to Peter the Mandate for Remitting Sins and Why Saints and

        Innocents Suffer.


554. On a Sabbath at Ephraim Jesus Speaks in the Synagogue.


555. The Arrival of the Relatives of the Children with Many People of Shechem.


556. The Parable of the Drop That Excavates the Rock.


557. Pilgrims Arrive in Ephraim from the Decapolis. Manaen's Secret Mission.


558. The Secret Meeting with Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus.


559. The Saphorim Samuel.


560. What People Say at Nazareth.




561. False Disciples Arrive in Shechem. At Ephraim Jesus Restores the Tongue

        to the Dumb Slave of Claudia Procula.


562. The Man of Jabneel.


563. Samuel, Judas of Kerioth and John. Parable of the Bees.


564. At Ephraim, before and after the Arrival of Jesus' Mother and of the Women

       Disciples with Lazarus.


565. Parable of the Tom Cloth and Miracle of the Woman in Childbed. Judas of

        Kerioth Is Caught Stealing.


566. Farewell to Ephraim. Going towards Shilo.


567. At Shiloh . First Parable on Advice.


568. At Lebonah. Second Parable on Advice.


569  Arrival at Shechem.


570. At Shechem. Third Parable on Advice.


571. Leaving for Enon.


572. At Enon. The Young Shepherd Benjamin.


573. Jesus Is Rejected by the Samaritans. With Judas of Kerioth.


574. The Rich Young Man.


575. The Third Prophecy of the Passion. The Request of Zebedee's sons.


576. Meeting with the Disciples Led by Manaen and Arrival at Jericho .


577. With Some Unknown Disciples.


578. Prophecy on Israel . Miracles Worked During the Journey from Jericho to

        Bethany .


579. Arrival at Bethany .


580. The Friday before the Entry into Jerusalem . Judas of Kerioth Impenitent.


581. The Friday before the Entry into Jerusalem . Farewell to the Women

        Disciples and the Encounter with an Unhappy Child.


582. The Sabbath before the Entry into Jerusalem . Parable of the Two Lamps and

        the Parable Applied to the Miracle on Shalem.


583. The Sabbath before the Entry into Jerusalem . Pilgrims and Judaeans at

        Bethany .


584. The Sabbath before the Entry into Jerusalem . The Supper at Bethany .


585. Farewell to Lazarus.


586. Judas Goes to the Leaders of the Sanhedrin.


587. From Bethany to Jerusalem .


588. Jesus Enters into Jerusalem .


589. The Evening of Palm Sunday.


590. The Monday before Passover. The Cursed Fig‑Tree and the Parable of the

        Wicked Husbandmen.


591. Monday Night before Passover. Teachings to the Apostles at Gethsemane .


592. The Tuesday Morning before Passover. The Questions of the Tribute to

        Caesar and of the Resurrection of the Dead.


593. The Tuesday Night before Passover. Other Teachings to the Apostles.


594. The Wednesday before Passover. From the Discussions with Scribes and

        Pharisees to the Eschatological Discourse. The Widow's Mite.


595. The Night of the Wednesday before Passover. Last Teachings to the



596. The Thursday before Passover. Preparation for the Supper and

        Announcement of the Glorification through Death.


597. The Thursday Evening before Passover. Arrival at the Supper‑Room and

        Farewell to the Mother.


598. The Passover Supper.




599. The Agony and the Arrest at Gethsemane .


600. The Various Trials.


601. Death of Judas of Kerioth. The Behaviour of Mary towards Judas Cancels

        Eve's Bearing towards Cain.


602. Other Teachings on the First Parents and on the Parallelism between Cain

        and Judas.


603. John Goes to Get Mary.


604. The Way of the Cross from the Praetorium to Calvary .


605. The Crucifixion.


606. The Burial of Jesus and the Spiritual Distress of Mary.


607. The Return to the Supper Room.


608. The Night of Good Friday.


609. The Redeeming Value of Jesus' and Mary's sufferings. John Is the Head of



610. The Holy Saturday.


611. The Night of Holy Saturday.




612. The Morning of the Resurrection.


613. The Resurrection.


614. Jesus Appears to His Mother.


615. The Pious Women at the Sepulchre.


616. Comment on the Resurrection.


617. Jesus Appears to Lazarus.


618. Jesus Appears to Johanna of Chuza.


619. Jesus Appears to Joseph of Arimathea, to Nicodemus and to Manaen.


620. Jesus Appears to the Shepherds.


621. Jesus Appears to the Disciples of Emmaus.


622. Jesus Appears to the Other Friends.


623. Jesus Appears to the Ten Apostles.


624. The Incredulity of Thomas. Jesus' Warning to the "Thomases" of Today.


625. Jesus Appears to the Apostles with Thomas. Speech on Priesthood.


626. At Gethsemane with the Apostles.


627. The Apostles Go along the Way of the Cross.


628. Jesus Appears to Various People in Different Places.


629. Jesus Appears on the Shores of the Lake . The Mission Con­ferred to Peter.


630. Jesus Appears on Mount Tabor to the Apostles and to about Five Hundred



631. The Last Teachings before Ascension‑Day.


632. The Supplementary Passover.


633. Farewell to His Mother before Ascension.


634. Farewell and Ascension of the Lord.


635. The Election of Matthias.


636. The Descent of the Holy Spirit. End of the Messianic Cycle.


637. Peter Celebrates the Eucharist in a Meeting of the First Christians.


638. The Blessed Virgin Takes up Her Abode at Gethsemane with John, Who

        Foretells Her Assumption.


639. The Blessed Virgin and John in the Places of the Passion.


640. The Two Shrouds of the Lord.


641. The Martyrdom of Stephen. Saul and Gamaliel.


642. Deposition of Stephen's Body.


643. Gamaliel Becomes a Christian.


644. Peter Converses with John.


645. The Blissful Passage of the Blessed Virgin.


646. The Assumption of Our Lady.


647. On the Passage, the Assumption and Royalty of the Blessed Virgin.


        The Reasons for the Work. Farewell to the Work.