Jesus the Consolator                             Carl Bloch


Jesus' Holy Hour                               Excerpted from THE NOTEBOOKS 1944, June 14.


     Jesus says: "If I do not wash you, you will have no part in My Kingdom."

     You, soul that I love, and all of you that I love, listen.  I am speaking to you because I want to spend this holy hour with you.  I, Jesus, do not distance you from My altar even if you approach it with a sick soul covered in sores, or enslaved by passions; these same passions that, like vines, bind up your soul and hamper you spiritually in order to deliver you, thus imprisoned, to the power of the flesh and its king, Lucifer.

     Its always Me, Jesus, the Rabbi of Galilee, the one to whom the lepers, the paralytics, the blind, the possessed, the epileptics cried out in loud voices: "Son of David, have pity on me."  Its always Me, Jesus, the Rabbi who offers His hand to the one who is drowning, and tells him:  "Why do you doubt Me?"  Its always Me, Jesus, who tells the dead:  "Rise and live. I want it. Come out of your death sleep, come out of your tomb and walk," and I return you to the ones who love you.

     And who is it who loves you, O My loved ones?  Who loves you with true love, love that is not egotistical, love that is not changeable?  Who loves you with an unselfish  love, not stingy, and whose goal is to give you what He has accumulated for you, while telling you:  "Take it. Its yours.  I've done all this for you so that this can be yours and you can profit from it?"  Who?  The eternal God.  And Me, its to Him that I bring you.  To Him who loves you.

     I don't distance you from My altar, because this altar is My flesh, My throne, the dwelling place of the Doctor who cures you of all disease.  From here, I teach you to be confident.  From here, King of life, I give you life.  From here I bend over your illnesses and I cure them with the breath of My love.

     I do even more, O children.  I come down from this altar and I come towards you.  See Me appear at the door of the churches.  Few are those who enter them, and even less numerous are those who enter with sure faith.  Here I am.  Like a figure of peace, I show Myself in your streets, where you pass by overburdened, poisoned, withered by pain, by selfishness, by hatred.  I offer you My hands.  I can well see that you stagger with fatigue under the enormous stones that you have taken up and that have taken the place of the cross that I had put in your hand to sustain you as the staff supports the pilgrim.  See how I tell you: "Enter. Rest. Drink," because I can clearly see that you are exhausted, parched.

     But you don't see Me.  You pass right by Me, you jostle Me, sometimes by ill will, sometimes from lack of spiritual vision.  Sometimes you don't look at Me at all.  But you know you are soiled, and you don't dare approach the candor of My Divine Host.  But this Candor knows how to be indulgent to you.  Learn to know Me, men who distrust Me, because you don't know Me.

     Listen.  I wanted to leave the Liberty and Purity which forms the atmosphere of heaven and to descend into this prison of yours, into this polluted air, to help you, because I love you.  I did more than that: I deprived Myself of My divine liberty and I became enslaved to a mortal flesh.  The Spirit of God enclosed in a body, the Infinite closed up in a bundle of muscle and bones, submissive to the voices of this flesh, persecuted by cold and by the sun, by famine, thirst, fatigue.  I could have ingored all that.  I wanted to know the tortures of man torn from his throne of innocence.  I did that in order to love you more.

     That still wasn't enough for Me.  I wanted--because to be indulgent it is necessary to know what those we treat with indulgence endure--I wanted to experience the assaults on all of your senses in order to know your struggles, understand what kind of underhanded tyranny Satan slides into your blood, understand how easy it is to be hypnotized  by this Serpent if we lower, for only a moment, our eyes into his seductive glance, by forgetting to live in the light.  The serpent does not live in the light.  He hides himself in dim nooks that appear restful but are dangerous.  For you the dark recesses are named: women, money, power, egoism, ambition, sensuality.  They hide the light that is God from you.  In these dark recesses hides Satan.  He looks like a necklace, but that's the rope that will strangle you.  I wanted to know all of that because I love you.

     This still wasn't enough for Me.  It would have sufficed but the Justice of the Father would have been able to say to His Flesh:  "You knew how to avoid the snare.  Man, flesh like You, acually doesn't know how to avoid it.  Let him be punished because I can't forgive someone who is soiled."  I took upon Myself your stains.  Those of the past, those of the present, and those to come.  I went beyond the experience of the prophet Job and, more than him, I was submerged in sin's putrid and rotten manure.  This happened when, submerged by the sin of the entire world, I didn't dare to raise My eyes to heaven.  I groaned under the weight of the anger of God the Father, anger accumulated over the ages, anger conscious of sins yet to come.  A deluge of sins on the earth from its beginning to its end.  A deluge of curses on the Guilty One.  On the Host of Sin.

     Oh, men!  I was more innocent than the baby a mother kisses after his baptism.  And the Most High, on seeing Me, was horrified, because I had become sin.  I took upon Myself all the sin of the world.  I perspired from disgust.  I perspired My own blood because of the disgust caused by this leprosy that I had on Myself who am the Innocent One.  The blood caused My veins to burst because of the disgust provoked by this fetid swamp that was covering Me.  And to achieve this torture, to press even more of My blood from My heart, to these sufferings were added the bitter pain of the curse.  In this hour I was no longer the Word of God:  I was the Man.  The Man.  The Guilty One.

     Is it possible I could not understand your dejection and cease to love you because you are dejected?  On the contrary, that is why I love you.   I have only to remember that hour to love you and call you "Brothers!"  But that is not enough to make the Father call you "Sons", and I want Him to call you that.  What sort of brother would I be for you if I didn't want you to also be in the paternal Home?

     Therefore I tell you: "Come, so that I can wash you."  No one is too dirty, to the point of not being able to be washed by My bath.  No one is too clean, to the point of not needing My water.  Come, My water isn't ordinary water.  There are miraculous sources that heal sores and sicknesses of the flesh.  This water is like that because it gushes from My bosom.


     Behold the ruptured Heart that gives water that washes and purifies.  My Blood is the clearest and cleanest water in creation.  With its power it can erase all infirmity and all imperfection.  Your soul becomes white again, clean, fit for the Kingdom.

    Come.  Let Me tell you: "I forgive you!"  Open your heart to Me.  In it are the roots of all your pain.  Let Me penetrate it.  Permit Me to undo your bandages.  Do your sores disgust you?  Lit by My light, they appear to you just the way they are: a swarm of disgusting worms.  Don't look at them.  Let Me do it.  I have a light hand.  You will only perceive a caress... and all will be healed.  A kiss, a tear... and all will be purified.

     Oh, how beautiful you will then be around My altar!  Angels among the angels of the Ciborium.  My heart will be in the greatest joy.  I am the Savior and I scorn no one.  I am also the Lamb who loves to wander among the lilies, and loves to let Himself become inebriated by their candor.  It is to give this candor back to you that I became incarnate, and that I allowed Myself to be immolated.

     Oh, I see how the Father smiles at you and how the Spirit of Love inundates you with His splendors, since the dirt of sin is gone from you.

     Come to the source of the Savior.  May My Blood pour upon the contrite soul.  Let one voice, the reflection of Mine, pronounce these words: "I absolve you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit!"


     "One among you will betray Me."

     One among you!  Yes, in a proportion of one to twelve, one of you betrays Me.

      Each betrayal is more painful than being pierced by a lance.  Look at the Humanity of your Redeemer.  From head to feet, you can only see wounds.  Flagellation makes those who imagine it shake and those who undergo it agonize.  But this tortured Me for only one hour.  You who betray Me flagellate My Heart and have been doing so for centuries.

     I have loved you.  I do love you.  I understand you.  I forgive you.  I purify you by using all of My Blood for this purifying cleansing.  And you betray Me.

     I am the Word of God.  In heaven, I am glorious.  But I'm not only in this heaven as a spirit.  I am also here as Flesh.  The flesh has feelings and affections.  Why do you want to renew for Me, continually, that gnawing fire which is the presence of a traitor?  Is heaven far away?  No, My son who betrays Me.  I am near you.  I am among you.  And you burn Me with the fire of your betrayal.

     I look around, among the different classes of people, seeking comfort.  In each one I meet gazes, but gazes of betrayal.  Why do you betray Me?  I remain among you so that I can do good for you.  Why do you launch venomous snakes against Me?  I call you:  "My friends."  Why do you answer Me : "Accursed?"  What have I done to you?  Do you know a man who is more patient than I am?

     Look.  When you are happy, no one abandons you.  But if you cry, if your wealth disappears, if a disease makes you contagious, see that everyone backs away.  I stay.  More than that, I bring you even closer, since it is only then that you actually come.  You no longer have anyone with whom to cry and talk, and thats when I remind you of Myself.  I don't tell you:  "Go away, I don't know you."  I could say it, because, in fact, when you were rich, healthy and happy, you never came to tell Me: "I am such, and I thank You."

     But no.  I don't claim even that on the part of one who isn't a giant of love.  I do not claim the "thank you".  It would suffice for Me to hear: "I am happy."  To hear it from your mouth.  To not be a stranger to your world.  To know that you remember that I also exist.  To know that you think of Me from time to time.  It is Me who would say the "thank you" to God for you:  My Father and yours.  But see, you never come.  I could say: "I don't know you."  Instead of that, notice that I open My arms to you and tell you: "Come, we will cry together."

     Look, I am in the prisons, in the tiny and degrading cells, sitting on the same seat as the convict.  I speak to him of a liberty that is more real than the one that is found outside of these four walls, of a liberty that no longer fears being lessened by punishable faults.  This convict is nevertheless someone who betrayed Me, by betraying My law of love.  Maybe he killed.  Maybe he stole.  But now he is calling Me.  See Me at his side.  The world hates him.  I love him.  I have called "friend" the one who was killing Me and stealing My life.  I can call "friend" this unfortunate one who returns to Me.

     I am near the sick like a flame of love.  In their fever they know My caress;  in their sweat My shroud: in their dullness, My arm upholding them:  in their anguish, My word.  And yet many have become ill because of a betrayal of My divine law.  They served the flesh.  And the flesh, like a crazy beast lost its way.  Now it is causing them to also lose their lives.  In spite of that, see Me present as the only one who never tires of their pain.  I wake with them.  I suffer with them, I smile at their hopes.  If the Father wills. I transform their hopes into realities.  But if I see that the decree is that they die, behold that I take this brother who trembles in front of the mystery of death, and when he calls Me, I tell him: "Don't be afraid.  You think that death is darkness: It is light.  You think it is suffering: it is joy.  Give Me your hand.  I know death.  I knew it before you.  I know that its a matter of an instant, and that God supernaturally helps in reducing the sensory so as to not overpower the soul going through this extreme struggle.  Have confidence.  Look at Me.  Only Me... There! You see?  You have crossed over the threshold.  Come with Me now to the Father.  Don't fear that either.  I am with you.  The Father loves those that I love.

     I am in the deserted house.  Not long before, they were filled with joyful voices.  Death passed through, or hardship.  The survivor goes along by himself.  Friends have run.  Those who are loved are far away beacuse of work, or else because of death.  There is sunshine in the sky, but for the survivor everything is black.  There is peace in the night air, for for the survivor, there is no rest.  They have certainly betrayed Me in this house, by turning creatures into gods.  They have loved in an idolatrous fashion and, in doing so, they have betrayed My law.  But I come in, and I put a ray of light in the darkness.  I put peace where there was a tempest.  This survivor has called Me..., perhaps without thinking too much about it..., perhaps without really even wanting Me with him.  But I come without delay.

     Oh! That's all I ask for, to be with you.  All memory of past mistakes falls when you call Me: "Jesus!"

     But don't flagellate My Heart.  It is already open and empty of all its blood.  Do not poison its wound.  To those who have understood My sorrow of betrayed love, I say: "One among you will betray Me, give Me your faithful love to comfort Me."  And I say it to all.  I say it to the beloved saints, as God.  I say it to the beloved sinners, as Jesus.  Yes, the sinners too, for whom I became Jesus (meaning God saves), can dress this wound.

     Are you Samaritans?  I know it.  But My parable speaks of a Samaritan with a gentle heart who dresses the wounds that were not touched by the sons of the Law who, pushed by the need to serve God, continued straight ahead.  They didn't understand that God is better served by love than by exterior practices.

     I am the Wounded One who languishes along your routes.  The robbers have assailed Me and plundered Me.  The robbers: those who profit unworthily of My sacrifice as God who makes Himself flesh.  They plunder Me: this means that with their heresies, they remove My attributes.  They plunder the Truth that by its resplendent coat excites their covetousness.  Don't they know, the wretches, that this coat shines, yes, but because it is worn by the One who is the Sun?  Don't they know that once it is in their hands, this coat becomes a common rag covered with the drool of their proud minds?  The Truth is truth, and only when it is attached to God does it enlighten everything with its light.  Separated from God, it becomes a language suited for the Tower of Babel.  The Truth is both Science and Wisdom at the same time, but, apart from God, it becomes chaos.

     You, even if you are Samaritans, nurse My wounds.  Give Me your oil and your wine: the oil, love; the wine, the contrition of your self.  Nurse My wounds.  I have no disdain for you.  May the sinner who washed and caressed My tired feet tell you if I disdain the sinner.

     Never betray Me again.  Go and sin no more.  I forgive you if in all of you there is love for Me.  Give Me a sincere kiss.  I feel a burn there where My cheek was touched by the kiss of traitors.  Nurse the wound on My cheek with a kiss of loyalty.


     "Love one another as I have loved you."

     From the cradle all the way to the cross, from Bethlehem all the way to the Mount of Olives, I have loved you. 

     The cold and the misery of My first night in the world did not prevent Me from loving you with My spirit.  Having been lessened, I, the Word, to the point of not being able to say to you "I love you with My lips, I told you these words with My spirit, which is inseparable from that of the Father and works therewith in inexhaustable activity.

     The agony of My last night on earth did not prevent Me from loving you.  On the contrary, it touched the highest levels of love.  It burned in the fiercest fire.  It consumed all that was not love to the point of ejecting it all from My veins, along with My blood, the distaste for sin and the sorrow due to the abandonment of My Father.

     Is there a love greater than the one that knows how to love even when it is hated?  It is in this fashion that I have loved you. 

     The first gesture of My hands, a caress.  The last, a benediction.  At the center of these two gestures, where the first was born on a winter night and the last in the splendor of a beautiful summer morning, thrity-three years of gestures of love to express the same number of movements of love.  Love in miracles, love in the caresses destined for children and for friends, master's love, benefactor's love, friend's love--love, love, love....

     And love that is more than human, at the Last Supper.  These hands that are mine, before being tied and pierced, washed the feet of the apostles, even the feet of the one whose heart I would have wanted to wash, and they had broken the Bread.  With the Bread I also broke up My Heart.  I was giving you that.  I knew that very soon I would return to heaven, and I didn't want to leave you alone.  I knew how easy it is for you to forget, and I wanted to give you the chance to see you sitting like brothers around the same table, My table, telling one another: "We are of Jesus!"

     Is there a love greater than the one that knows how to love even its torturers?  And yet is is quite in this fashion that I have loved you.  And I was able to pray for you, as I died.

     Love one another as I have loved you.  Hatred strangles light.  Even a simple grudge obfuscates peace.  God is Peace.  He is light, because He is love.  But if you refuse to love as I Myself have loved, you will not be able to possess God.

     As I have loved you.  Therefore, without pride.  This tabernacle which is before you, this cross which is Mine, this Heart which is Mine don't express anything but humility.

     I am God, and I am your Servant.  I stay here in the hope that you will say: "I am hungry" so that I can thus give you Myself to you as Bread.  I am God, and I show Myself to you naked and condemned on a piece of wood that at other times was a symbol of infamy.  I am God and I beg you to love My Heart.  I beg you.  Through My love for you, because if you love Me you do good to yourself.  I am God. With or without your love I am always God.  But not you.  Without My love, you are nothing: dust.

     I want to have you with Me.  I want to have you here.  I want to make of your dust a light of beatitude.  I want you to not die, but live because I am Life and I want you to have Life.

     Love without selfishness.  If you love with selfishness, it would be an impure love, destined to die in sickness.  Love one another in a way where you wish others more good than you wish for yourselves.  Its very difficult.  I know.  But, do you see this Eucharistic Bread?  It has made martyrs.  They were creatures like you: fearful, weak, even vicious sometimes.  This Bread made heroes of them.

     In the first part, I recommended My Heart for your purification.  In this third part, to make saints of you, I am showing you this Table and this Bread of sinners.  My Blood has transformed you into just men, My Bread will transform just men into saints.  A bath washes everything, but it doesn't nourish.  It refreshes, it gives some substance, but it doesn't become flesh within flesh.  On the other hand, nourishment becomes flesh and blood; it becomes part of you.  My Nourishment becomes part of you.

     Oh! Think!  Look at a little child.  Today he eats his bread and also tomorrow, and tomorrow and again tomorrow.  See him now become a man: tall, robust, handsome.  Did his mother make him like that?  No.  His mother conceived him, carried him, gave birth to him, nourished him with her milk and loved him, loved him, loved him.  But if the small boy had only received kisses, kisses and love alone, he would have died of starvation.  The small boy becomes an adult thanks to the nourishment he eats.  The man is thus an adult thanks to the nourishment taken daily.

     The same thing applies to your spiritual self.  Nourish it with the true nourishment that comes from heaven and gives you the energies necessary for your growth in Grace.  Strong and healthy virility is always an advantage.  Observe the behavior of someone who is always sickly; observe how easily he becomes harsh, impatient, unpleasant.  My nourishment will give you health.  It will make you strong and virile in spirit.  You will be able to love others more than yourselves, as I did with you.

     See, My children, how much I have loved you. Not only as one may love himself, but even more.  To the point that I agreed to die in your place, to save you from death.  If you love like that, you will know God.

     Do you know what it is to know God?  It signifies savoring true Joy, true Peace, true Friendship.  Oh, the Friendship, the Peace, the Joy of God!  Its the reward promised to the blessed.  But it is already given to the one who, on earth, knows how to love with his entire being.

     When it is authentic, love is not made only of words.  It is also made of actions.  Love is active as its source, who is God, is active.  Love never tires of being active, even when the behavior of brothers engenders deception.  Woe to him who, crashing into an obstacle, falls like a bird with wings that are too weak.

     Even wounded, true Love rises.  If it can no longer fly, it uses its claws and its beak, but it climbs.  It doesn't want to remain in the dark and cold.  It wants to be in contact with the sun, a remedy for all ills.  As soon as it finds itself reinvigorated, it takes wing again.  It shuttles between God and the brothers, and between the brothers and God, like an angelic butterfly that transports pollen from the heavenly gardens to terrestrial flowers to fecundate them and brings to God the collected perfumes of the flowers, even the most humble ones, for God to take them and bless them.

     But woe to him who goes away from the sun.  The Sun is My Eucharist. In It, the Father blesses you, the Holy Spirit loves you, while I, the Word, act.

     Come, take and eat.  This is the nourishment that I recommend for consumption.


     "If you live in Me, and My Doctrine lives in you, you will receive whatever you ask for."

     I descend into you and I become your nourishment.  But, being the Center that I am, I attract you towards Myself.  You nourish yourselves with Me, but for a greater reason I nourish Myself with you.  Our two appetites are insatiable and continuous.  The vine nourishes the buds.  The buds shape the vine.  Water swells the oceans, but it is the oceans  that give water by evaporating into clouds and descending again in the form of rain.  That is why you must remain in Me, as I remain in you.  Our separation would bring death, not my death, but yours.

      I am nourishment for the spirit and nourishment for the mind.  The spirit nourishes itself on the Flesh of a God.  All that is an emanation of God can only receive nourishment from God, who is the mold that formed it.  Your mind nourishes itself on My Word, which is the Thought of God.

     Your own mind!  Intelligence is what makes you resemble to God.  In intelligence, there is memory, understanding, and also will.  As in the spirit there is a resemblance to God in being a free and immortal spirit.

     Your own mind must be nourished by My Doctrine, to be capable of memory, understanding, and will for what is good.  My Doctrine reminds you of the kindnesses and the works of God, it reminds you who God is, and what you owe Him.  It causes you to understand goodness, and to discern evil.  It gives you the will to do good.  Without My doctrine you become slaves of other doctrines that carry the name of "doctrine", but are only fables, and, like ships deprived of their rudders and without a compass, you head for a shipwreck.  You go off the pre-established course.  How, then, can you say: "God abandoned me" if its you who abandoned God?

     Remain in Me.  If you do not remain in Me, it means that you hate Me.  And My Father will give the same back to you because whoever hates Me, hates the Father, since the Father and I make only one God.  Remain in Me.  Act in such a way that the Father will not be able to make the distinction between the tree and its branch, because of the sap that unites them and permits them to form one inseparable being.  Act so the Father can't determine where I end and where you begin, we are so much alike.  Whoever loves ends up by borrowing the expressions, the ways, the gestures of the person who is loved.

     I want you to be replicas of Jesus.  Because I want you to receive what you ask for, and thus not have to endure any refusals (grounded in Me, you will only ask for good things).  I want you to receive the same as what you asked for, because the Father continually pours His treasures of love onto His Son.  The one who is in the Son benefits from this continuous outpouring without limit, who is Divine Love that rejoices in His Word and circulates in Him.  Now I am the Body and you are the members of the Body.  This signifies that the Joy that covers Me and comes from the Father, the Power, the Peace, and all other perfection that circulates in My veins, pours into you, my faithful who have become an inseparable part of Myself, here and in the hereafter.

     Come and ask.  Don't be afraid to ask.  You can ask everything because God can give everything.  Ask for yourselves and ask for others.  I have shown you how to do it.  Ask for those who are present, and for those who are absent.   Ask for those who have already passed away, those who are alive now, and those who have yet to be born.  Ask for your present time and for your eternity which will come.  Apply that to yourselves and to those you love.

     Ask, ask, ask.  For everything.  For the good people so that God will bless them.  For the bad so that God will convert them.  Say with Me: "Father, forgive them."  Ask:  health, peace in families, peace in the world, peace for eternity.  Ask for sanctity.  Yes, also that.  God is Holy and He is Father.  At the same time as you ask Him for the life that sustains you, ask Him for sanctity.  Ask for all of His graces though the Force that emanates from Him.

     Don't be afraid to ask.  The bread of each day, and the blessing of each day.  You are not solely matter, and you are not yet solely spirit.  Ask for the former and for the latter, and you will receive.

     Don't be afraid of going too far.  For you, I have asked that we partake of the same glory.  More than that, I have given it to you, so that you will resemble Us, who love you, and so that the world will know that you are sons of God.  Come.  In this Heart, which is mine, lives your Father.  Enter.  So that He may recognize you and say: "Let us rejoice greatly in the heavens because I have regained a son that I loved."

     "I wanted to satisfy your request," says Jesus. "Its always I who have been talking: I wanted to let My Eucharistic Voice speak.  Receive it as a gift from Me.  I bless you, and with you I bless all those who will listen to it."

Written by Maria Valtorta 

Copyright 1998 by Centro Editoriale Valtortiano, srl, Isola del Liri, Italy.  All rights reserved in all countries.

COME, LORD JESUS!                   Josyp Terelya (oil on canvas)