The Agonizing Crucifix.  17" high by 9" wide,

made with solid oak wood and hand painted.




"The Greatest Devotion of our Time, A Call to Holiness", this Devotion was given to a young man in Nigeria named Barnabas Nwoye. The Lord gave him the task of receiving and making known the Devotion to the Precious Blood. The handbook of prayers and instructions was given by our Lord for you. Our Lord has lovingly left a great gift of protection, the gift of the Seal of the Living God, as seen in Revelations Chapter 7 and 14. The book includes the Chaplet of the Precious Blood, Consolation and Adoration Prayers, The Anguished Appeals Prayers, the Mystical Prayers, Reparation Prayers, Original Prayer to St. Michael, Powerful Invocation of Protection, Prayer for the New Isreal, Prayer of Divine Praise and Adoration, Atonement Prayer with the Crown of Thorns, the Chaplet of Renewal, Litany of the Saints (English/Latin), An Alert of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, The Cross of Perfection, The Gethsemane Hour, the Great Month of July, The Great Seal of God, a Living Tabernacle in our Hearts, Total Dedication to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, Solemn Blessing of the Archangel Michael (for priests only).  There are four pages of Blessed Promises for those who devoutly pray the Most Precious Blood Devotion. The book has the Nihil Obstat.  The Devotion has the Imprimatur of Ayo-Maria Atoyebi. O.P., Bishop of Ilorin, Nigeria, June 17, 2001. Bishop Ayo-Maria is also the Spiritual Director and Patron of the Precious Blood Apostolate.

 PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS, Daily Devotional  book is spiral bound.  It lies flat leaving the hands free for praying and allows for showing one page at a time. The durability and portability of the spiral bound also makes it easy to read and handle.      Softcover, 160 pages.  6" X 4"    Also includes Precious Blood Chaplet with five 12-beaded 'decades'".               $ 7.00 US








Color Laser copy Painting of Jesus by Josyp Terelya   

3" wide by 4.5" tall     $2.00









The Notebooks 1943 - by Maria Valtorta

The dictations of Maria Valtorta's visions during the year of 1943. Jesus told Maria that these notebooks are for those souls who want to be very close to Him, like St John the apostle, who in the company of Mary, followed Him to Calvary.

Softcover, 640 pages, $40.00 US

A VERY popular book titled THE END TIMES, by Maria Valtorta, is no longer being reprinted, but all of the passages in END TIMES are EXCERPTED from all 3 NOTEBOOKS, which are still being reprinted.



The Notebooks 1944 - by Maria Valtorta

The dictations of Maria Valtorta's visions during the year of 1944. Visions of the early Christian martyrs. Jesus teaches on many topics confronting our world. The Eucharist as the greatest miracle.

Softcover, 648 pages, $40.00 US






THE NOTEBOOKS 1945-1950   by Maria Valtorta

Some chapter headings: A vision of Diomedes and the Martyrs. The Exhaustion of the Apostolate. Commentary on Ezekiel 37:1-14.         Missing Parts of the Gospel.  A Vision of Martyred Gladiators. Mercy towards sinners.

Softcover, 621 pages.  $40.00




The Book of Azariah    by Maria Valtorta

Azariah, Maria's guardian angel, gave her commentaries on the Sunday Masses of the entire liturgical year. Benefit from Azariah's purity and dazzling knowledge. A knowledge at once practical to guide us in everyday life, and lofty to increase our yearning for our heavenly goal.

Softcover, 334 pages, $30.00 US









Some highlights:

 Maria's strange wetnurse. Find out about her harsh, authoritarian, unfeeling mother.  Maria went through two broken engagements.  Maria's early strugles with despair.  Maria was injured by a young communist anarchist (1920).  She had already been bedridden for nine years by the time she wrote her autobiography.  Her prophetic dream about Jesus (1916).  How Marta Diciotti became her housekeeper, friend and confidant. Maria joined the Third Order of the Servites of Mary.  Maria's offerings of herself to God.  Her astonishing remark when she first saw a photo of the Holy Shroud.




 Maria Valtorta's AUTOBIOGRAPHY


Written not by her own desire for fame, but under obedience to her spiritual director, this autobiography is a testimony to Maria's heroic virtues, an important criterion when judging the authenticity of private revelations.

Contains 47 pages of photographs.


Hardcover, 442 pages, $25.00 



Maria at the age of 15



Slipcover with portrait of Maria Valtorta.






THE TWENTY MYSTERIES OF THE ROSARY        Written by Maria Valtorta    

A beautiful companion for rosary devotions. Contains a special collection of inspiring narrations and instructional passages for each of the 20 mysteries of the Rosary.

Three additional topics are also included: A Greeting for Mary, To Know Mary, To Pray the Hail Mary, and To Pray the Rosary.

Selections are taken from The Poem of the Man-God, The Book of Azariah, The Notebooks: 1943, The Notebooks 1944, The Notebooks 1945-1950.           Texts selected by Claudia Pisani Vecchiarelli.

Softcover, 238  pages, $25.00 US



Prayers - by Maria Valtorta

An attractive small volume containing thirty four prayers and meditations. The collection is divided into three parts: Entreaty, Offering, and Four Dictations.

"Jesus' Holy Hour" is a Eucharistic meditation best read before the Blessed Sacrament. 

 "The Hour of Gethsemane" deserves special mention. Unpublished for fifty years, it reveals the final temptation Jesus had to undergo - the temptation to flee from the will of God.

"An Hour of Preparation for Death" Jesus scripturally walks us through His death, to prepare us for our passing.

The selections above have been taken from THE BOOK OF AZARIA, AUTOBIOGRAPHY, THE NOTEBOOKS 1944, and THE NOTEBOOKS 1945-1950.

Texts selected by Emilio and Claudia Pisani. Translated from Italian by Giovanni Liani and Doris J.M. Ballard.   

Softcover, 125 pages, $18.00 US







The Virgin Mary in the Writings of Maria Valtorta
by Fr. Gabriel M. Roschini, OSM (1900-1977)

This is an account of the life of The Virgin Mary to edify those who wish to better know their Heavenly Mother in her historical daily life as well as in her extraordinary mystical life.

Renowned mariologist Roschini said:

"Maria Valtorta of Viareggio, Italy, is one of the eighteen greatest female Marian mystics of all time."

"..the Mariology found in all of Maria Valtorta's writings--both published and unpublished--has been a real discovery for me.  No other Marian writings, not even the sum total of everything I have read and studied, were able to give me as clear, as vivid, as complete, as luminous, or as fascinating an image, both simple and sublime, of Mary, God's Masterpiece."

Softcover, 395 pages, $27.00 US




Her physical beauty and indomitable spirit, her upper-class standing, the members of her family, her scandalous, licentious behavior in the worldly milieu of the Romans, her conversion that does not appease her inveterated passion, but rather directs her from a love of damnation towards a love of salvation... From the literary work of Maria Valtorta entitled THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD, passages from various chapters, or entire chapters altogether, have been drawn out and interconnected, all regarding the figure of Mary of Magdala.

 Softcover, 302 pages. $30.00


The Diary of Jesus
by Jean Aulagnier

Day by day account of Jesus' life based on ancient calendars and on the writings of Maria Valtorta. The author took five years to study scientifically the chronology of Valtorta's "The Poem of the Man-God" and came to surprising conclusions - with new elements in the growing evidence for the authenticity of this realistic and historic "Life of Jesus".

Softcover, 368 pages, $25.00 US


Lessons on the Epistle of  St. Paul to the Romans

Written by Maria Valtorta during the years 1948-1950


After many years we finally are blessed with a published English translation of this long awaited gem.


Softcover, 310 pages  $30.00 US


Includes large separate map of Palestine & Jerusalem




This excellent guide is the work of many years of thoughtful collating and indexing. There are 63 pages of Scriptural cross-references from the POEM OF THE MAN-GOD to the Bible, and from the Bible to the POEM.

There are also indexes by thematic, chronological and geographic reference. Even a brief look at this helpful study manual (with comb-binding-easy to flip pages) gives the reader an instant glance at the breadth and magnitude of Maria Valtorta's masterpiece. It even includes a large map of the Holy Land and Jerusalem.

 His Excellency, Most Rev. Roman Danylak, S.T.L., J.U.D., has written the forward. Bishop Danylak is a scholar fluent in Italian, English.and Ukrainian, and worked on the revision of Cannon Law for the Eastern Rite of the Catholic Church. Bishop Danylak witnessed the Eucharistic Miracle with Julia Kim.

Softcover, 190 pages, $30.00 US (third and expanded edition)



The Holy Shroud and the Visions of Maria Valtorta--by Msgr. Vincenzo Cerri

This book shows in the light of Holy Scripture the remarkable parallels between two important witnesses of Jesus' Passion: the Holy Shroud and Maria Valtorta. A book which helps to meditate on Jesus' love for us seen through the horrifying sufferings and death he willingly underwent to save us.

Softcover, 230 pages, 61 illustrations, $15.00 US



     334 pages, softcover 

  $50.00 US


     Artist Lorenzo Ferri met with Maria Valtorta in 1949, introduced by Father Berti, OSM.  Ferri drew portaits of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Anne, Joachim, Elizabeth, Zecharias, John the Baptist, the Apostles, Lazarus, Mary Magdalene, Martha, and many others, at the direction of Maria Valtorta for most of the drawings.

    There are over 300 illustrations of portraits and drawings of scenes from Maria Valtorta's masterpiece: THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD

     Lorenzo Ferri was also a Shroud of Turin scholar, and he made a sculpture of Jesus (photo at left) based on the Shroud and Maria Valtorta's description.  He also did a beautiful sculpture of Mary based on  Maria's description.






  Mary,  Mother of the Redeemer and the Church

Her Life, Sufferings and Mission

   Jesus says:  "The Human eye cannot stare at the sun, but it can look at the moon.  The soul's eye cannot stare at God's perfection as it is.  But it can look the perfection of Mary...  She is illuminated by Him, and reflects the light which has illuminated Her... NOTEBOOKS 1943, p. 115.

     " (My Mother's) prayers lies the secret of the salvation of the world.  She, My Mother, is the Conqueress of the cursed Dragon.  Assist Her power by means of your renewed love for Her, and your renewed faith and knowledge of what pertains to Her.  Mary has given the Savior to the world.  The world will receive salvation again from Her.  POEM OF THE MAN-GOD, Vol. #5, p. 946.

     "Always consider that Mary is the Mother of Pain, as I am the Master of Life.... She was alone, in the tremendous hour, to know the horror of solitude and to expiate your acts of desperation as creatures...  She was an abyss of hope... If you believe in Her always, you will never know the horror of despair..."   NOTEBOOKS 1943, p. 311.

     Jesus says: "(There will be) those who, although they belong to the Holy Religion, will not be beatified, because they did not lead a holy life.  But a virtuous heathen, only because he lived according to choice virtue, convinced that his religion was good, will have Heaven at the end..."                    POEM OF THE MAN-GOD, Volume #4,  p.167.

     In addition to the sources quoted above, this work also has excerpts from NOTEBOOKS 1944, NOTEBOOKS 1945-1950, AZARIAH, and LESSONS ON THE EPISTLE OF ST. PAUL TO THE ROMANS,  all written by Maria Valtorta.

     These excerpts were chosen by David Murray, who also has given us the index Pilgrims's Scriptural Guide to  POEM OF THE MAN-GOD, and the wonderful Audio Sunday Gospels with the Writings of Maria Valtorta.  David is a dedicated apostle of the writings of Maria Valtorta in English around the world.


      159 pages, Softbound            $15.00 US



.FREE DVD for those who click on this item on online order page.



John Leary has written  over 50 prophetic books dealing with preparing the Church for the Tribulation mentioned  in the Gospel and in St. John's Revelation.   Many of John's messages parallel the prophetic revelations to Maria Valtorta.  John Leary is obedient to his bishop,  Most Rev. Matthew Clark of Rochester, NY.   The bishop has accepted the unanimous opinion of the discerning committee appointed by Clark, to let John continue to spread his messages provided they are cleared by his spiritual director, who  John obediently submits to, including the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church headed by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.  The bishop's committee concluded that John's locutions are of human origin, the normal workings of the mind in the process of mental prayer, and that they are NOT a fraud perpetrated on the Catholic community.  These cautionary notes also obediently appear in John's books which continue to be published.

Revelation 13:7  "Also it (the beast) was allowed to make war on the saints and to conquer them.  And authority was given it over every tribe and people and tongue and nation".

In Revelation Chapter 12, TWICE God promises to protect "the woman".   The "woman" refers more to the Church than to the Virgin Mary, Who already had been assumed into heaven when St. John wrote Revelation.  Jesus also revealed this interpretation to Maria Valtorta in her Notebooks.

The prophetic messages of John Leary show how Christians can prepare for the Tribulation, and how God will protect them.  John said that Jesus had promised him that the antichrist would come to power in John's lifetime.  John is in his 60's and in good health, thank God.   John does NOT set "dates" for events to happen.




 An Alex Jones Film DVD,  2nd Edition 2007

A history of state sponsored terrorism.

Five major news organizations control the mainstream media.

Find out what they are NOT telling you (or minimize) and how it affects you.

Alex Jones is a true patriot,  a genuine hero.

TERORSTORM is something that should be seen by everyone,  no matter what their stance/affiliation/political bent.

$7.00   DVD +R DL in  5" X 5" plastic sleeve.

130 minutes,  plus 66 minutes bonus footage.


ENDGAME.  An Alex Jones Film/DVD

Blueprint for Global Enslavement


After a global elite has established world control, they plan to exterminate 80% of the world population through abortion, euthanasia, wars, diseases and eugenics.

Learn about the formation of the North American transportation control grid, which will end U.S. sovereignty forever.

Watch as Alex Jones and his team track the elusive Bilderberg Group to Ottawa and Istanbul to document their secret summits, allowing you to witness global kingpins setting the world's agenda.

$7.00  DVD+R DL in  5" X 5" Plastic Sleeve.

139 Minutes + Extras and special features:

shop.valtorta.orgBilderberg 2007 Report

The Battle for the Republic

Special performance of SHACKLES ON ME by blues legend Jimmie Vaughan




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